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Courtesy Inspections


  We check every major system on your vehicle, including:
   Instrument cluster/gauges
   Manufacturer scheduled maintenance items
   Parking brake
   Timing belt or timing chain
   Drive belts
   Transmission fluid
   Brake fluid
   Power steering fluid
   Radiator and hoses
   Heater hoses
   Battery, battery terminals and battery cables
   Tuning components
   Engine oil
   Under hood leaks
   Headlights and taillights
   Wiper blades
   Washer operation
   Air conditioning
   Air filter
   Cabin air filter
   Tire condition
   Axle shafts, axle boots and U-joints
   Condition of shocks and struts
   Condition of exhaust system
   Steering gear, power steering pump and hoses
   Suspension components
   Brakes, rotors and calipers

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