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Travel / Vacation Tips
Check your tires for tread damage and proper inflation. Long drives,
especially in the summer, can put extra strain on your tires because
of the increased heat. And with luggage and extra people in the car,
you’re carrying a heavier load. Proper tire inflation will help you
stay on the road and improve your gas mileage.
Fluids topped off? Check your washer fluid, your oil, transmission fluid,
power steering fluid and any other accessible fluid check points.
(We check your car’s fluids on every visit as part of our complimentary Courtesy Inspection.)
Remember, your car’s under more stress on a long road trip.
A quick check of fluid quantity and quality could save you from a sour, stranded vacation.
Your brakes are one service item that tells you when it’s time to make a change.
If your brakes are squealing, grinding or just not stopping your car smoothly,
it’s time for a brake check
Is your car ready for winter?
So what's the Mu difference?
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